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  • CNC turning parts
  • CNC turning parts
  • CNC turning parts
  • CNC turning parts
  • CNC turning parts
  • CNC turning parts
  • CNC turning parts
  • CNC turning parts
CNC turning partsCNC turning partsCNC turning partsCNC turning partsCNC turning partsCNC turning partsCNC turning partsCNC turning parts

CNC turning parts are components and workpieces with a high degree of dimensional accuracy and are produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The production takes place on CNC-controlled lathes, with the setting of the cutting parameters being numerically coded. So recurring machining processes can be retrieved as often as you like. Profitable is the production of CNC turned parts, especially in series production, where large quantities of consistent quality without retooling or maintenance must be made. The materials used are metals such as aluminum or stainless steel and carbon steel. So CNC turning machine parts are associated with a high due to the economic manufacturing process quality has become important components of many products. Whenever something is spinning or moving, a precision cnc turned components is often behind it. Typical applications of CNC precision turned parts are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, the automotive industry and many more.

How is the production done during CNC turning?

CNC turning has become an indispensable basic technology in the field of manufacturing technology today. This is also illustrated by the market share of the CNC lathes produced in the total value of the worldwide produced metal cutting machine tools. The "CNC" stands for Computerized Numerical Control, which stands for the computer-controlled machining of turned parts. The parts to be manufactured are developed in advance using simulation software on the PC and then transmitted to the lathe via a network. These high-tech machines have more than two Machining axes. In this case, the workpiece carries out the main cutting movement with its rotation and the lathe tool clamped in the chuck is guided along the rotating workpiece with a carriage in order to lift a chip. The entire production is automated and monitored by sensors, which is why large quantities can be produced with consistent quality.

Production spectrum on the turned parts marketplace

Turning Process

Range of Parts


Certification and Quality

CNC Turning

Small, Medium series

Carbon Steel

Most modern CNC measuring technology

Automatic Turning

Short and long turned parts


Creation of logs

Precision Turning

Precision Parts


Own measuring rooms

Hard Turning

Turned parts in assemblies

Stainless Steel

SPC documentation

Wage Turning

Alloy Steel







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